Sunday, August 23, 2009

Successful Sunday!

Now that school has started and I am working, Time feels obsolete. During the week life is so busy and things just don't get done. Yesterday we had a much needed lazy Saturday just hanging around the house not doing much of anything. Today, I woke up somewhat motivated... and got to work. It feels really good to have actually gotten things done today.

Here are some of the projects I accomplished...

The dreaded, way too small horribly unorganized, Hallway linen closet

All we ever do is shove, shove, shove... our sheets and towels into this closet. yes, I am guilty too. For a long time I have wanted to go through it and organize it so that it would be more functional. Today was the day...

Somehow, when your into a major organizing/ cleaning project, things always seem to get messier before they get better. Or is it just me?


And there's even room to spare! Who know!? (:

It also helped that I got rid of many things we didn't even know existed in there... or things that were lost in the depths that need to be put elsewhere. A chenille blanket, still in the package, that I believe was a wedding gift (we've been married 8 years! ); A round tablecloth ,when we only own a rectangle table, (sold our round table at least 4 years ago!); Kitchen hand towels that belong... in the kitchen! (imagine that, lol); and several pillow shams from old comforter sets we don't use anymore.

Next up: The Kitchen

Although this is not much of a project but a daily task, it is still something that needed to be done and I felt good about. I love that we have a good amount of counter space, but man does it fill up fast! Our counters are always full of too much junk and need to be cleaned off/organized often.

And it felt good to complete this task, thoroughly.

Viola! A new Kitchen! (:

I must say... I'm proud of myself and today truly felt like a Successful Sunday.

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