Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This week Nathaniel started Kindergarten. It's so hard to believe that my baby boy is so grown up and able to go to Elementary school! He has been so excited and counting down for this day. I look forward to all the new things he is going to learn, the special things he brings home, and all the stories we will hear. It's going to be a fun year! On the 3rd day after getting in the car he told me, "Kindergarten is the best!" I love it...

Here are some pictures from his first day! Daddy, Mommy and Ellie all got to go with him (:

All ready to go!

Me and my lil man!
Nathaniel's New School!

We found it to his classroom... Nathaniel remembered the way from meet the teacher night and led the way.

His cubbie... putting lunch and snack away...

Nathaniel's seat! Ready to learn! (:

This picture is from Wednesday... this new schedule and full days of school are exhausting! Poor Thanie didn't even make it the 6 minutes home...
Wiped Out!
So proud of my baby boy big kindergartener!
Love you Nathaniel!!

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