Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fire House Museum

With Summer coming to a close, and school about to start, we wanted to do something fun with the kids the other day and it is too hot to do much outside. So for something new and different we decided to check out the Firehouse Museum.

Our silly, costumed well dressed and adorable boys...ready to see some firetrucks!

Nathaniel driving a BIG Firetruck!

Even Ellie loved being up in the drivers seat...

One of the many antique firetrucks we got to see...

Playing with the hoses and learning how they work

Practicing Safety Skills: "Stop, Drop, and Roll!"

Practicing making a 9-1-1 emergency call

Climbing the ladder

...and sliding down the poll... wheeee!

Auntie Em helping Paulie

Nathaniel, Paulie and Elliana

Our lil Jr. Fire Fighters had a blast at the Museum!!!

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