Saturday, August 1, 2009

Boys will be Boys!

While our long time friends were here visiting last weekend the boys went outside to play. And play, they did. And run, and dig and Get Dirty!
And find water, they did! What to do... Boys will be Boys! Who cares about a little dirt? Definately not these two!

Add water to the dirt and get fun, wonderful mud! And with mud... comes lots and lots of Mess!
They were so dirty and gross we decided that they couldn't even come into the house. So out came the hose... off came the clothes and we cleaned them up!

We still brought them in and put them straight into the tub! It was fun to try and get all the dirt and sand out that was caked to their scalps! yuck!

What can I say.,... they had a blast... not much to say except, Boys will be boys!

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