Wednesday, August 5, 2009

8 Months!

Elliana is 8 months old! Time is truly going by quickly and our little girl is growing up! This month has been a big month! So much has happened... lots of milestones reached. Here are some of the things Ellie has been up to:

  • She is finally sitting up completely on her own!
  • Eating lots of baby cereal (preferably Rice, not oatmeal) and fruits and veggies
  • Starting to use our pincher grasp to feed herself finger foods (cheerios, Kix, and fruit puffs being our fav's!)
  • Ellie is crawling flopping her way around the room! Moving quicker each day and sooo close to being fully mobile!
  • We have started sleeping through the night!!! Not quite every night but Mommy is so happy for less broken sleep!
  • Elliana is still iin size 2 diapers comfortably but are getting taller and beginning to wear our 6-9 month clothes.
  • She loves to play with all our toys and be in with the action with big brother and cousins!
  • Though we don't like the swing or bouncey seat any longer we have lots of fun in our jumperoo, excersaucer, and bumbo seat!
  • She is also starting to really enjoy tickle time with Daddy... nothing beats the sound of that giggle and the sqeals of excitment!

We are still enjoying having a little girl so much! This is truly my favorite age. There is so much interaction and learning of new things each day! Elliana brings us such joy and we are so blessed to have her as part of this family! We love you lil ladybug!!

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