Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lego- Maniac!

For the last few weeks my house has been covered with these brightly colored square and rectangle objects. Legos. Also known as Duplo's, blocks, noise makers, or creative toys... whatever you want to call them. My 5 year old, Nathaniel, has been obsessed creatively interested in these for some time now. Everyday the bucket comes out and no matter how many times they are cleaned up my floor is contuniously covered in Lego's. It amazes me how creative he can be with them and how many hours he can stay entertained by them.
Such a simple toy. Such use of imagination. No batteries, no lights, no sounds... just pure 'good ole fashion' fun. He has been so proud of all his many creations and often asks me to photograph them. So I thought that I would share some here... with you all (:

First up is Nathaniel's "Big Cruise Ship!" ... See it?

This next one began as a square, then became a "picture holder" and lastly was filled in and was found to be a great hiding place. There's a silly 5 year old boy behind there! ... who knew?!

The intensity gets high and concentration is in full effect while the creative juices flow...

Lego's, Lego's everywhere! ... The condition of my living room
for the last few weeks!

Getting Daddy involved....

Daddy and Thanie's Big HUGE Ship! (using ALL the lego's!)

So proud (:

Never would of thought Nathaniel would spend so many hours have so much fun with something as simple as lego's. He's my little lego-maniac!

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  1. girl you should see my house!! hmmm maybe i'll take some pictures!!