Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve... Highlights from 2009

It's new years eve... The end of 2009 and the start of 2010 it's hard to believe. Here are some hightlights from the year 2009

1. Loving life with my little princess!! Finally, Mommy to a girl (:
2. Planting our Japanese Maple tree in memory of Brayden, and having it grow and bloom beautifully!
3. My new nephew Avery Dillon joining the family!
4. DISNEY!!!! Our first true family vaction!
5. More family moving closer... Auntie Em, Uncle Gregg, and Paulie (:
6. Spending 3 weeks with a bestie and making a fun trip up north.
7. Finding an incredible person (and family) to care for our children, who have become great friends!
8. Getting a job (and contract!) with the school district
9. Nathaniel starting Kindergarten!
10. Thanksgiving with the Zieg's/Sniffens
11. My princess turning a year old!! (and having 2 wonderful parties!)
12. Christmas with my parents, all 5 of my siblings and our families!! Lots of laughs, and memories made!

I could ceratinly go on and on. This year was a tough one, but we made it through. New memories were made, and we were blessed with many things. My hopes are that things are only better for 2010 for all!


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