Sunday, December 27, 2009

Birthday Party # 1

The first of 2 parties for the lil miss was in Maryland while we were visiting for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We met at a place in Crofton called Eddies Place for some Ledo's Pizza and fellowship. The have a seperate room we could close off and we had a great time seeing people we don't visit with enough. It was also a neat way to get everyone together since we were not there long enough to have seen them all individually. And we enjoyed every minute of it!

Yummy Ledo's Pizza!!

Fun, Food, Friends! The best kind of party (:

Yes, Even the birthday girl loved her some Pizza!

Kenzie, Nathaniel, and Alyson Playing, Swinging, dancing, laughing...
They had a blast together!

The Boys...

Lifetime friends...

Cute family picture with the birthday girl!

After the pizza we stripped her down....
Bring on the cake! (:

It all started with just a little finger licking...

Then she was all in!!!

Ellie tore up that cake like a pro! LoL!!

Can you see the sugar rush excitement on her face?

Yay for cake!! This is Yummy Stuff!

For such a lil Princess, ... she sure knows how to make a mess!
(The real fun was trying to clean all that up in a tiny public bathroom sink! lol)

And then of course there were presents!

This is one cute, very loved, and very happy little girl!

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