Monday, December 28, 2009

NOT ME! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog at to read what she (MckMama did not participate this week but did put up MckLinky so we can check out others) everyone else have not been doing this week. "I created Not Me! Monday for the purpose of confessing our shortcomings and imperfections to each other since, after all, we are all only human!" (MckMama's words) Every Monday, you can find more "Not Me! Monday" at her site.

It's been awhile (too long!) since I took part in a Not Me! Monday so today I decided to take the time to post one! It has been a busy, crazy, fun few weeks and I'm sure I could go on and on about all the silly, embarressing, and stupid not so intelligent things we have not been up to.

Confession is good for the soul...So here it goes...

I did not allow my daughter to have so much cake, icing, and mini colorful fruit flavored marshmellows at her first birthday party that she threw it all up the next morning! I watch what my children eat and care about their health and well being more than that! Nope, Not Me!

For Christmas, I did not buy myself presents then hand them to my husband to wrap up and place under the tree for me. That would be selfish and greedy..and I am not those things. Nope, Not me!

Also, I certainly did not wear a maternity top for Christmas eve service since I don't have anything that fits was unable to find a different top to wear. I am not pregnant and would never want people to think so due to the clothing I'm wearing. Nope, Not me!

When so excited about my daughters independant steps she began taking this week, I did not repeatedly pick her up (to her frustration) to continue the (attemps at) walking... just so I could catch it on video and get a photo of the exciting moments! I wouldn't want to cause my precious little one to be frustrated, and would always have patience to wait until she is ready to try her new tricks. I am not that worried about pictures and video's... Nope, Not me!

**This is the best video I got... since of course, lil miss didn't want to "perform" once I got the camera out!! She was doing much better though! Promise (: **

While cleaning my closet, I did not find a bag of gifts purchased months ago for my son that I forgot about and excitedly wrap them all up for this years' christmas gifts. I don't forget important things like that and I surely wouldn't keep my closet so messy that I wouldn't even notice the bag sitting there! Nope, Not me!

Lastly, I did not spend several hours yesterday blogging.. trying to catch up with things I have intended to get posted but have procrastinated about. I am more on top of things than that and would never procrastinate about things. Nope, Not me!

Sigh! Wow, I really could go on and on this week! So Blessed and thankful that I am so loved despite all my imperfections. How about you? What have you not been up to?

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  1. Funny post! I can relate to much of it :)
    Your children are beautiful!!