Sunday, December 27, 2009

Over the River, and through the Woods....

..."To Grandfathers' House we go... the Horse (Van) knows the way, to carry the sleigh, through white and drifted snow (lots and lots of Rain), O! "
This, and other joyful sounds like the tune of "Are we there yet?!" we heard quite a bit as we made the hike up north for Thanksgiving. We went up to see family and friends for the Holiday and boy did we drive through some rain! It made for a looong trip. But it was well worth it, we had a great time.
One of the many highlights was getting all the cousins together! They are all growing up so fast and I hate that we don't get to spend more time with them.

Elliana (1), Isabelle (2), Nathaniel (5), and Alyson (7)

Our visit was filled with tons of playing and fun,

such as "Potato Sack" Rides with Papa!
...and of course tickle/wrestling time!

The Kitchen seemed to be the hangout for the men...

Pete (Papa), Uncle Bryan, Uncle Brendon, Jake

Cousin Love... Alyson and Elliana

The kids love going into Gramma's "Kid" drawer for coloring books, crayons, paper,
stickers, and more...

Aunt Jessica and Ellie

Papa and Ellie snoozing... so sweet!

Ellie was so excited to see her Gramma & Papa and went right to them from the moment we arrived. In the midst of her "stranger/seperation anxiety" the past few weeks this was a sweet suprise and relief! Gramma & Papa enjoyed every moment and were thrilled to pieces.

We miss everyone already and hate that we live so far away!! So thankful for a wonderful fun and relaxing visit!
...and still praying they see the light and move south soon!!! (o:

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