Monday, January 18, 2010


Open the door. Shut the door. Open the door. Take out item. Put item back in. Shut door. Repeat.

Hand mom item. Take item back. Hand mom item. Take it back. Laugh.

Discovery. Such fun. Who knew?

Put in. Take out. Put in. Take out. Open Door. Shut Door. Open Door. Shut Door.

This went on and on for at least 20 minutes. And she loved every bit of it!

Elliana is now one year old. She is at such a fun age where she is often searching for things to get into and new things to discover.

Often trivial, simple things have such meaning in her young mind. What appears to outwardly be so silly, is truly an educational experience.

Growing, Learning, Laughing, Crying.

Oh to be young...

Oh to... Discovery.

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