Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This and That

I am in the mood to blog tonight, yet my thoughts are a bit scattered. I don't have anything specific for this post so I thought I would just ramble out some things.
Today is tuesday, (or is it Monday, or Wednesday?!?) I am so thrown off as I have been off work since last friday. The weekend was rough. My Hubby, and both my children got sick. The stomach bug landed and took over our home.
Yesterday, schools were closed for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. Some day off... caring for a sick family and catching up on laundry rapidly being created by all.
Thankful it appeared to be a 24 hour bug. After lots of rest and time, the family seemed to be getting better.
I thought I was scott free. I thought I had made it through and remained healthy. That was until this morning. The nausea hit me so fast and within moments I was rushing to the bathroom.
Didn't someone addvise Mr. Stomach bug that Mommies are exempt?!? We are not allowed to be sick. No fair.
So here we are today, day 4 of being home. I don't want to eat, move, or do anything. This feeling is horrific. I decide to try and send Elliana to the sitter so that I can rest and take care of myself. As I walk towards her bedroom I am hit with a horrendous smell. She has thrown up in her crib ...again. Her 24 hours was up. She had been herself yesterday and had a good day. Plan for the day scratched. Mommy caring for herself? never. My job is never through.
Tomorrow will be tough. Hoping to make it to work again. Praying this sickness will be gone.
I need my life back.
Worked on a website for Journey, the support group I am getting together for beareaved parents who have lost young children. I really hope to make this dream a reality... and soon.
It's late. I should be sleeping. I just ate despite the terrible feeling in my stomach. Actually hoping to get sick again, thinking it will relieve the feeling.
Elliana is now awake. She's screaming. Please Lord, let her bed be clean.
Please Lord, give us all the rest and refreshing healing that we need.

Can I run away and take a vacation now??

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