Sunday, October 18, 2009

A visit with Daddy!

Daddy loves it when we come visit him at work.. and Nathaniel Loves being able to go to Daddy's work to 'help' him. The other night Daddy called to let me know that he had to stay really late to finish a job. Since I knew he would not be home for dinner, we decided to bring dinner to him! The kids were excited and so was daddy for a special little visit.

Our "Picinic in the Shop!"

Pizza, of course! Daddy and Nathaniel's favorite!!

Daddy and his lil Princess! She was so excited to see him (:

Wish we had the chance to go by and see daddy more... but we definately enjoy the times we do. Nathaniel knows where most things are kept and loves to go straight for the drawer for a pair of gloves to be "ready to work".
Sweet Memories

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