Sunday, October 4, 2009

10 Months!

Elliana is 10 months old today! Time continues to fly by and she is growing up so fast. It has been another fun filled month. We have enjoyed seeing Ellie and Nathaniel begin to interact and really "play" alot more together. It doesn't matter what Nathaniel does, Elllie just smiles and laughs at him non stop. She definately LOVES her big bubby!

Here are some of the things that Elliana has been up to this month:

  • Ellie has learned how to crawl.. officially! No more silly looking half army/combat crawl (:

  • She even pulled herself up!.. and hasn't wanted to stay off her feet ever since!

  • We are drinking juice from a sippy cup

  • She decided that "baby food" is just that... for baby's. And She is a big girl! (or so we think!) So the boycott on baby food has begun and Ellie is now eating bits and peices of just about everything we eat! (whether set out on her tray or snatched out from our hands! LoL) Favorites being green beans, hotdogs, mac n cheese and fruit!

  • Her first word, is often heard these days... and brings delight to my ears! "Mama! Mama!"

  • Though were not really into walking independantly or with a hand just yet, Ellie has started walking along furniture (a bit wobbily)

  • At our latest checkup Ellie weighed in at 18.1 lbs.

  • We are still in size 2 diapers but growing out of our 6-9 month clothing for length! Ellie measures almost 29 inches long now.

  • We've survived the worst first of many teething bouts and now have two pearly little whites peeking through! pic to come later with more explanation (;

  • Ellie is also doing so well at night, sleeping from about 8:30-9 till 6 or 6:30! Momma and Daddy loooove that!!

  • She enjoys trying to keep up with bubby, playing with toys, and is on the move at all times!! (and quick!)

  • We've discovered (and learned how to grab ahold of) Mommy's glasses and necklaces... and even decided to try and boycott the bows, now that we know how to rip them off!

We are still loving every minute of raising such a beautiful, precious, happy baby girl! I thank God daily for blessing me with my sweet Elliana Grace. Can't wait to watch her grow in the months to come!

Love you Ellie Belle!!!

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