Friday, October 23, 2009

An Amazing Contest!!

So.. as I'm doing (one of )my daily checkin's to MckMama's Blog today... I came across a post about this incredible contest! MckMama was chosen by Samsung and Blogher to recieve an amazing new french door stainless steel fridge to use and review... and she is giving away a Best Buy gift card worth $200!!!
WOW... What I would do with $200?!? Not sure where I'd begin. Sure would love a new dishwasher... that works (ie. removing food, making dishes clean!)... and dry's the dishes! I also would LOVE a flat panel t.v to put above our fireplace so that we can expand the seating in our living room. It's so hard having friends and family over with no where to sit!
Have I mentioned that we hate our fridge?? It was here when we moved in... a blessing, really. We had no fridge, and it saved us lots of money. We were Are grateful. One of the crisper boxes (drawers) is broken, shelves in the door frequently fall off... everything in the left drawer (of the fridge!) freezes! ...and I really do not like having the freezer on the bottom.... too strange for me. We also do not have much option for setup and things don't fit very well. Coming home from a big shopping trip can be fun... kinda like a jigsaw puzzle to make things fit! lol

So... wanted to Get another entry let you know of this awesome contest! .. So Thanks for reading and Check it out for yourself HERE!

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