Sunday, September 6, 2009

Successful Sunday!

It's Labor Day weekend, and Daddy's weekend off work... which means lots of fun time to play! We have really enjoyed this weekend, and the best part is that it's not over yet! Yesterday we had a great time togetherat the zoo and today we were up and moving as well.. this time to get some things accomplished.
While Nana and Grandpop ran off with Nathaniel and Paulie for some fun, Jake and I tackled some projects at home. Daddy began a very special project that I will blog about soon.

I on the other hand had the joy of working on Elliana's room.

What can I say, the girl has too many clothes! It also doesn't help that she is growing like a weed and needs clothes gone through every month (or so it seems). So sort, fold, hang, and pack up and put away... I did. Alot.

But I must say it felt good to get it done. I was proud of myself for making decisions on what to sell/pass on and what to keep. (most of which I'm getting rid of!) Out with the small... in with the new and bigger! (: I also spent some time organizing her closet and got everything hung up and put away.


Now we can actually find something for her to wear each day and can even walk through her room.

Ahh... How nice.

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