Monday, September 7, 2009

Not Me My Child Monday!

It has been a doosey of a week for us. I decided on this Labor Day Monday to do another Not My Child Monday instead of the normal Not me! Monday. You can find out more about this blog carival by visiting MckMama's Blog.

It' s fun!
Did you almost die of embarrassment when your child walked in on you and your husband doing you-know-what? Want to scream bloody murder when your toddler colored on your floor with a Sharpie? Feel like a terrible mother when your kid used a swear word in front of your in-laws? Well don't! Mothers aren't perfect and neither are children, so today I thought we'd switch things up a little and do a Not my child! Monday!

It was not My child who decided to crawl inside the clothing racks while shopping at target... causing them to break apart and complete colapse! This didn't cause tons of nicely hung and organized clothes to go everywhere and provide lots of exciting work for 2 unsuspecting target employee's. He knows better than that and would never act out of line out in public... Not My Child!

My sweet and innocent 8 month old darling daughter did not get ahold of my Mcdonalds Ice Coffee and proceed to drink it (through a straw!) loving it! I would never give my small child coffee! and drinking through a straw at 9 months??? .. who knew!?? Nope, Not My Child!

Lastly, It was not my child who, while at the Zoo, proceeded to stand and pee in his pants while we were sitting just mere feet from the bathrooms! My 5 year old would never deny that he needs to go to the bathroom when asked and have an accident just moments later... we teach him better than that! Definatly, Not My Child!


  1. oh Michelle!!! i can't stop laughing! oh my goodness! poor you!! you always said, i should write a book...i think you should!! how in the world did you ever get out of Target!!? oh my goodness! girl you are too much!! thank you for the laughs tonite!!

  2. Michelle this is so awesome. I love it! I want to do a family blog!