Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Field Trip

Daddy was off work today and we decided to go do something fun together. We packed up into the van and headed down the road for a short road trip. We landed in Columbia, about 1 1/2 hrs away and went to the Zoo. It was a blast. Nathaniel has such a great time seeing all the animals as did all of us and we really enjoyed the time together. Here are some pictures of our day.

Nathaniel was sad that the tigers were not out but we did see a few of these lions laying about in the shade.

He and Daddy were also very excited to see this Huge Aligator resting in the sun by a small lake.

Nathaniel's First Pony Ride! He loved it (:
"Spooky" the Pony

Mommy got to try her hand at milking a cow (kinda that is.. lol)

We took Elliana on her first Carousel Ride... She was sooo excited! :D

Nathaniel had fun pretending to race on his anteater!

One of Mommy's childhood favorites... Koala Bear
...taking a snooze on this tree branch. so cute!

Also in this Australian exhibit we went through an area full of these beautiful brightly colored birds called Lory's
Many guests purchased cups of nectar to feed the birds. They would come right up for a drink and would even land right on your hand/arm to look for some food.
Nathaniel enjoyed being able to see them so up close and personal and even got to pet a few of the birds.

Mommy's other favorite... Giraffe's!
They even had a baby Giraffe, it was cute watching it follow around the adults and try to reach the leaves or spread its front legs to lean down to eat some grass.

Poor Ellie was worn out from all the fun...

Our family at the ZOO!

We had such a great time and loved seeing all the animals. The best part was having the opportunity to be together. Can't wait till we have another chance to go somewhere else together for another Family Fun Day Field Trip!

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