Saturday, September 5, 2009

9 months

I can almost not believe that Elliana is 9 months old already! She is growing up so fast! We are having so much fun with her and enjoying all the new things she shows us each day. This month has been such a huge month developmentally. Ellie is ssuprising us all the time with all the things she can do. Here are some of the things she has been up to/accomplished this month:

  • Sleeping through the night! Mommy and daddy LOVE this! (:
  • We've learned to sit ourself up from laying down
  • Ellie is on the MOVE! ... has gone from scooting along to now the perfected "combat crawl"
  • We are now pulling ourself up on tables, chairs, crib, etc... Ellie loves being on her feet!
  • Mommy was so excited to pull out our size 2 shoes and find out they now fit! (:
  • We are still wearing size 2 diapers but are fitting into more and more of our 6-9 month clothes (time to clean out the closet.. again!)
  • One of our favorite snacks are... popsicles! (of any kind!)
  • We are also waving.. to anything and everyone, (especially herself in the mirror!)
  • Our first tooth is just about to break through!!
  • Ellie has discovered her voice... and likes it. She has become very loud and vocal!

I love you baby girl! Can't wait to see you continue to grow and become the beautiful woman you will become (:

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