Saturday, September 12, 2009

Daddy's Newest Project

Over the long weekend Daddy got inspired to make a new project. So, off to Lowes we went to get some supplies.

So.. if you can't figure it out by now... we're making a Sandbox!! We have talked about buying or making one in the past but for one reason or another have just not done it. Now that the weather is getting a little cooler, Daddy decided he was up for the task.

Nathaniel was so excited to be getting his own sandbox.

We set out to the back yard to find the perfect spot for the sandbox and settled on a nice shady spot under a tree... Daddy built the frame and began digging up the dirt to prepare the spot.

Elliana had a blast hanging outside with Mommy and Daddy... sitting and standing with her car like a big girl! (:

Viola! A hole!

Insert frame... add corner seats... and its a sandbox!

Muscle man Thanie tries to help lift the bags (they're 50lbs!)

Then it was time to add some SAND!
and more sand...

....And MORE Sand!

16 bags to open and dump to be
exact! That's 800lbs of sand!

Nathaniel enjoyed using the dirt rake to even it all out

Ellie on the other hand, wasen't too sure about this whole sandbox thing... and decided to give it a little taste...

I don't think she was too pleased with the result... LoL!

Nathaniel couldn't wait to jump in and try it out!

excited to bury our feet... where'd they go!?

It didn't take long for Ellie to adapt and jump in on the fun...

and she loved it too!

Thank you Daddy for our new sandbox!!

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  1. does Jake want to come our way..we have a few "projects!"? the kids are just to cute!!