Friday, June 19, 2009

South Carolina Aquarium

Yesterday, we packed all the kids up and headed to the Aquarium. Our friends Jessica and her son Landon are visiting from Pennsylvannia and we knew the kids would enjoy it. We started at the "touch tank" where the boys got to be up close and personal with starfish, hermit crabs, sea eneminnies, stingray, horseshoe crabs, and other under water creatures. They loved this!
We saw MANY different fish! This huge blowfish was a favorite as well as all the brightly colored and large fish we saw.

Jellyfish are always an awesome sight to see... such amazing
creatures they are.

Even Ellie enjoyed looking at all the big tanks and checking out the pretty fish from her front row seat!

By the time we headed home the boys were wiped out! Within minutes they were both sound asleep! .. what a day! ...

So glad we were able to go and have such a fun time!

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