Monday, February 15, 2010

SNOW on my PALM trees!!!

This past weekend we were part of History... For the first time in 10 years, it snowed in Charleston, ...Summerville in fact! Although I'm not a huge fan of the white stuff or the cold, it was very beautiful. The fact that we did not have to go anywhere, shovel, or deal with it much also made it all the more enjoyable.
snow began on friday afternoon/evening. I was convinced that it would not accumulate to anything and would be gone before we could blink. So... I got out my camera, bundled up the kids and began taking pictures of the falling white stuff!!

I just had to capture the fact that there was snow on my palm trees! That just doesn't even sound right! lol.. we've moved to the south/beach for a reason... oh well! (o:

Dinner, fellowship, biblestudy, and a few hours later... we were welcomed by quite a suprise when we opened the door to head back home. Not only had the snow kept falling but it was acumulating fast and even sticking to the roads! The men braved the weather, cleared off the cars for us, and we made the treck back home in the snow. Several more cars were seen in a mess of trouble and it took way longer than normal, but we made it home.... to this.

Jake got home shortly after, and we decided to go ahead and make the trip over to our small group. We northerners are used to this stuff and can drive in it, nothing to worry about! What we didn't think about was the reaction of all the southern charlestonites who don't know what to do in a snow storm flurry! We were amazed at how many cars we saw off the side of the road and even in ditches! The city had gone mad...

The excitment continued as we settled the kids into bed (already very late due to small group) made ourselves comfy on the couch with laptops in tow.... and the power went out. No way. It's cold, its snowing, the kids are asleep, its late... this can't be happening.

But it was.

Called my sister who I knew had not been home long either and found out that they did have power. She invited us to pack up and head there... but I hesitated due to the effort that would take and we decided to wait things out. I called to report the outage and no sooner did I tell Jake about the automated message I recieved the power was back! Relief.

So off to bed we went.

7am rolled around... sooner than we would have liked. Jake jumped up, late for work and hurried around to get ready. Disoriented and trying to figure out why he didn't get up we realized how cold we were.... and the fact that we again, had no power. We assume by the temperature that it had been out for several hours while we were sleeping, having gone back out around 3am. Bummer.

Jake cleared off the cars, got him self together, and headed into work. We were pleasantly suprised to see that the roads were very clear so the ride in was assumed to be an easy one. The sight outside was beautiful. Snow covered everything. As if God has laid a white blanket over the city. I absolutely love how the snows lays on each and every branch of the trees. It truly was beautiful.

Nathaniel woke up rearing and ready... He couldn't wait to pile on the clothes and head out to play. He had a great time playing in all our snow!

By Saturday afternoon the sun was out and the snow was melting fast... by Sunday, you wouldn't have known it even snowed. It came, it was beautiful, it was fun, and then it was gone.
Perfect Snowfall (:

Till the next decade! ...

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  1. Wow!!! Snow in SC. I had no idea. It must have been so pretty. We got nearly 4 feet!!! I was home for 10 days!!!!