Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boys Night Out!!

Last weekend, at the last minute I found out about a show that was going on locally, in North Charleston. For over a year now Jake has been talking about wanting to take Nathaniel to see Monster Trucks. Somehow, we missed hearing about this one coming to town until the night before. As soon as I heard, I jumped online to find out details and look for tickets. Sure enough I was able to get tickets for saturday nights show. Jake was so excited. He decided not to tell Nathaniel but to let it be a suprise.

I was even able to go to a local motor sport store to get free pit passes so that they could go early and get up close and personal with the huge trucks! Nathaniel and Daddy were in heaven!!! Not sure who was more excited.

After visiting the pit, they found their seats and the show began. The first truck to come out, made hs way around the track, and then flipped upside down! One of the highlights of the show. Jake is always hoping this will happen. (we went several years ago to a show and noone flipped, he was so dissapointed)

They had so much fun watching and listening as the fork lift and rescue workers came out to flip the truck back over and clear the track. Everyone was ok and after several minutes the truck was back over and excorted off.

Round one, each truck started off with a "wheel stand" then rolled up over a row of crush cars.

Next up was the opsticle course competition.

A new addition to the show this year was the mechanical 20- foot tall, fire-breathing dinosaur!!

He picked up the car, bit it and spllit it in half... then crushed it into several peices. "With his sharp hands and teeth, Mommy!"

...Can we say amazement!?! ...Enjoyment!! ??!

Next up was the motorcross competition... Mommy is always amazed at the skill, speed and crazy tricks these guys pull off. Pictures are very hard to capture.

They boys had such a blast together, the look in their eyes, the excitment in their voices, and the stories (which lasted for days!) made it all the more special and so worth it. Sooo glad they were able to enjoy this special night together!

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  1. I love the look of amazement on Nathaniel's face. PRICELESS!!!