Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Confident Aquatic Problem Solvers!

We did it!! Elliana and Nathaniel have finished their session for Infant Swimming Resource Self-Rescue swimming lessons. I am so proud of them both and how great they have done. The last week was very different and difficult as we tested out their skills while wearing clothing. The week started with them wearing light weight summer clothes, then long pants and long sleeves, then to thicker heavier clothing, and lastly in full winter outfits and shoes.

Elliana's "Starfish!"

Thanie's "Starfish!"

Rotating from his back to his stomach for a swim-float-swim rotation. This way he gets as far as he can, but knows to roll over to float, rest and take a breath whenever needed!

Through this program Nathaniel and Elliana both learned breath control, and swimming face down (which promotes vertical swimming. When your face is not in the water your more likely to sink) Where your head goes, your feet are sure to follow!

Ellie floating independently with heavy fleece winter clothes on!!
The rolling over and going for the wall as she finds her way out.

For more information on Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) visit
These lessons are very different then your traditional swim lessons. The skills they learned are for self-rescue purposes in the unfortunate chance that they find themselves in a situation with water. SUPERVISION is always the best protection! Survival skills are just one more layer of protection we as parents can offer our children.
SOOOO Proud of them both and how hard they worked over the last month and a half. I truly believe that they are now confident aquatic problem solvers. So incredibly thankful for Becky, our awesome ISR instructor. Blessed that God brought her, and this amazing program into our lives, and blown away by the healing it brought, the passion it birthed and the new journey it has started us on! I would have never even dreamt it 2 months ago!

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