Sunday, August 15, 2010

Motherhood Moments

Someone asked me recently what my favorite moment of Motherhood is. What a tough question to answer! There are so many thngs that I love about being a Mommy... and I do my best to cherish each and every moment I am given with my precious children.

I have thought about this question alot and though there are so many answers Icould give, I have decided my favorite moment of Motherhood, (other than the moment of first holding and looking into the faces of my beautiful babies!!) is bedtime.
Yes, Bedtime.
This may sound odd since bedtime is when our children are sleeping and we are not with them. But many of the moments I enjoy the best with my children are putting them to bed. The calm, peaceful moments of cuddling, sharing moments of the day, praying over them, kissing their little heads, and tucking them in.

As I sat rocking my baby girl tonight (after 30+ minutes of screaming and not going to sleep on her own!) I could only smile. I was reminded once again how much I treasure and love those moments. I can't help but think to myself how blessed I am. To think that this may be the last chance I get to hold, rock, and pray over my baby girl. Wow...
How can I complain?
I don't want to miss a moment of it.

When the day is busy, and kids are hectic.
When they are whinny and fussy, cranky and loud
When they want nothing to do with me...

There's always Bedtime.
There's always hugs.
There's always a kiss and a prayer.

As I lay Nathaniel down, go through our nightly routine, and kiss his forhead. He leans to me, draws me close... and says, "I love you Mommy!" How much, I reply? "Up to the moon and down again, and all around the world... and up to the moon and down again, and all around the world again... and THAT's NOT ALL!!" ..and Jesus loves you more! (Just as my mommy did with me!)
My heart melts.
My arms love the embrace and warmth of holding my precious ones close.

Lord, May I always treasure each and every moment you allow me to share with my children. They are gifts from you and I am blessed and thankful for the time you have bestowed on me to love them, raise them, and care for them.

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