Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bye, Bye Birdie Bottle... Blues

Another feat. Another milestone.

It has been over a week since Elliana has had a bottle. She loves her sippy cups. Heck, she loves everyone elses sippy cups too! I realized that it was harder for me to just give up the bottle than for Ellie. I want to comfort her, to make her happy, to soothe her. The most difficult for Elliana ME ,is bedtime. We were to the point where we really wanted her to start putting herself to sleep. To back down from the long 30 minute or so ordeal of rocking, bouncing, etc. to get her to sleep. But thats what she wanted. Thats what she loves. It was so hard to let go of that. So I gave in and went with the bottle.

It worked. She went to bed, on her own with her bottle. We just had to lay her down.

It was wonderful, It was peaceful.

After a few weeks of this I decided it was time to start weening the bottle. She is 15 months old now. So I tried it. I rocked her a bit, comforted her, then layed her down... this time with a sippy cup. A little fussing, A pushed away cup, and even some tears.

But it worked. She still went to sleep... within a very few minutes!

So Bye, Bye Bottle it was!!

Since then, Elliana has done so well with just the sippy cup for bedtime. What a relief.

...That is Until we began the Bye, Bye Bottle Blues...

The last 2 nights have been very hard for Ellie (ME!) Elliana has cried, and cried, and thrown fits, and tried to throw herself out of my arms... Just to get to bed. It breaks my heart. I want her to get peaceful rest, I want her to be happy.

I know the easy answer. I know what would work...
But I can't go back...

We said Goodbye to the bottle and theres no turing back!

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