Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ten Things I am Thankful for...

Saw this on a friends blog and was inspired to do the same thing here. Even though the Thanksgiving Holiday is officially over, I am learning to be Thankful all the time. We are blessed with so many wonderful things and I want to work harder to focus on those and appriciate them, even in the midst of hard situations.

So... Here's my List:

1. My Heavenly Father
He gives me strength to make it through, loves me unconditionally, and promises me a Hope and a Future.

2. A wonderful supportive Husband
I know I don't appriciate Him enough... I am blessed for a mate who loves me and our family and works hard to provide for us. He has stood by me and walked with me through highs and lows over the last 12 years... I am thankful God Blessed me with him!

3. The opportunity to be called "Mommy"
There is nothing like Motherhood. It is the hardest, highest calling in my life; yet the most rewarding. I am thankful God entrusted me with three beautiful and precious children who bring me so much joy.

4. A place to live
I am thankful that we have a roof over our head... and a beautiful home we can call our own!

5. Jobs
Especially in these hard economic times, I am thankful that both Jake and I have great jobs that we enjoy.

6. A wonderful church Family and Friends
We are soo truly blessed and thankful that God brought us to Seacoast. We have been ministered to, encouraged, and blessed immensely by those God has put in our life and we are thankful for the lifetime friendships we have made through the years.

7. Our Small Group
We have made some incredible friends and are so thankful to be apart of our weekly small group. It is the highlight of our week and encourages us so much.

8. An Amazing Family
I am so thankful to have a supportive, loving and involved extended family. Jake and I both feel blessed to have wonderful parents who love us and want the best for us and are always there to help.

9. The opportunity to help others

More and more I am learning to be thankful for the things God has brought us through. Though the road has and continues to be rough, I believe in the promise that God will continue to make All things work together for the good. I know that He has plans for us and wants to use our lives to bless and encourage others.

10. God's Provision

Even in the rocky times... He Always makes a way. He wants to teach us to be completely dependant on Him but always proves Himself Trustworthy. I know that my God WILL supply ALL my needs... according to His riches and Glory...

We are so blessed.

Lord, Help me to always be Thankful for all that we have and never take things for granted.

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