Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busy Fingers

Nathaniel is my little creative boy. He loves to have his hands busy. Loves to be helping with just about anything. And loves to create things.

Life is so busy, days just seem to fly by. I feel bad that there never seems to be time for us to just have fun doing different projects. I have come to realize that the time is there... I just need to take the time and make the moments happen.

So, this past weekend I took advantage of the Holiday and planned out some fun things for Nathaniel. He did really well loved it!

First, we made some cookies...

Then, while they were cooking we started our craft projects...

Just before they were finished we pulled them out for some decorating fun!
Here are Nathaniel's frames he made (:

Yummmm..... Decorated Sugar cookies!
We had a fun day and I'm glad we had the chance to do fun things together... and keep those fingers busy!

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