Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me My Child Monday!

It's monday.. and normailly we see Not Me Monday! here... But our lovely friend MckMama decided to try something new this week. Hope over to her blog HERE to join in on the fun!

Did you almost die of embarrassment when your child walked in on you and your husband doing you-know-what? Want to scream bloody murder when your toddler colored on your floor with a Sharpie? Feel like a terrible mother when your kid used a swear word in front of your in-laws? Well don't! Mothers aren't perfect and neither are children, so today I thought we'd switch things up a little and do a Not my child! Monday!

So here we go....

It was not My child that decided this week to "get My own haircut!" This mommy is way more responsible than to leave a child alone with a pair of scissors unsupervised! And my child would never do something crazy like that. Nope! Not My Child!

My sweet adorable child certainly did not repeatedly reveal my beautiful turquoise bra and chest to the world while being carried around, in public. Why on earth would she want to do something like that! And this mommy would always be more reserved and conservative than to wear a loose fitting shirt that could be easily pulled down.

While visiting the doctor for our yearly checkup it was not my well mannered, obedient child who was screaming bloody murder when he found out he had to get his finger pricked. We play doctor at home all the time and are always jealous at our sisters frequent well baby checkups. How could this mom "lie" to her precious boy and tell him there were no shots this year, then restrain him and require multiple medical personnel to draw a little blood from his finger. Nope! Not my child!

At the store, while I was uploading and printing pictures, it was not my child who slipped a candy bar in his purse shoulder bag and then proceeded to show me his "treat" later asking to eat it. My child was brought up way better than to know how to steal!

Lastly, It was not my sweet, gentle child who decided to pick up rocks found in the playground mulch... and then throw them over then fence into a baby pool where other children were playing! Definately not my child!

You see...My children are sweet, obedient, and... perfect little angels!
(I'm sure you do not see those horns holding up their halo's!? LoL)

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