Thursday, July 9, 2009

Growing with Leaps and Bounds...

This post is a bit overdue but life has been a bit crazy busy lately! I want to dedicate this post to my beautiful children who are growing with leaps and bounds...

Nathaniel just had a birthday... a milestone of sorts. He is 5 years old! 5!... that sounds so old! .. 4 was ok, still little.. but 5 just sounds so grown up and indendent. 5 means many things... especially changes for fall. Nathaniel will be attending Kindergarten at the end of August. (gasp!) I'm not ready for this...

So.. This is what Nathaniel has been up to this past year...

  • He now knows his address, phone number, city and state and full name
  • We finished our first season of T-ball with Summerville Little league as our first team sport!
  • Nathaniel loves to ride his bike, play with blocks, and Love Hotwheel cars!
  • Were doing much better with eating habits... eating most meats, lots of fruit, rice, and pasta's... just need to work on those veggies!
  • Nathaniel's favorite food is Pizza! and favorite place to eat is Pizza Hut! (thanks to Daddy)
  • He loves to help cook and always enjoys making crafts (and gifts for others!)
  • We have moved out of a toddler bed and into a twin size bed!
  • One of his favorite things to play with are small legos.. He will spend hours creating and recreating many things.
  • We almost always use a "big boy" open cup unless were on the go...
  • He weighs 39lbs and is 41" tall
  • Nathaniel is just like his daddy and loves to curl up in front of the t.v to watch some Science Channel, DIY or National Geographic! (in addition to the normal cartoons we still love)
  • He is also always up for a trip to Daddy's work so that he can help him fix cars. Our favorite part is going in to toolbox to get out a pair of gloves!
Elliana is 7 months

  • She thoroughly enjoyed her first independance day! (fireworks and all!)
  • take all of our naps and spend bedtime in our crib
  • love to grab at things and is becoming more coordinated getting what we want... then getting it into our mouth!
  • eating more and more Rice cereal and starting fruits and veggies.
  • Elliana weighs around 16lbs but we won't go for another checkup till 9 months.
  • She is still wearing 3-6 months clothing and size 2 diapers except we are too long for them now so our sleepers and pants need to be 6-9! We may be a tall girl (: enjoy

It's so exciting to watch them grow and learn each day... so many new things to discover and enjoy! They are truly growing with leaps and bounds!

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