Monday, May 18, 2009

NOT ME! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog at to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. "I created Not Me! Monday for the purpose of confessing our shortcomings and imperfections to each other since, after all, we are all only human!" (MckMama's words) Every Monday, you can find more "Not Me! Monday" at her site.

It's 5pm and I am still trying to get this post up.. oh well better late than never! So here are a few things we have Not been doing this week....

I most certainly did Not leave my poor sleepy daughter in her jumperoo till she cried jumped herself right to sleep (face down!)... and then I did Not leave her there to finish cleaning up (and even took this picture since it looked so funny!) before putting her to bed. Nope, Not Me!

Saturday, while washing our cars with the family I did Not remove my wedding rings and put them in my pocket! Valuable precious sentimental things like that don't belong in a pair of pants... I would definitely put something that special on my dresser if I wasn't wearing them!Then I sure did Not freakout Sunday when they were nowhere to be found. Keeping my family waiting in the car as I tore the house apart searched everywhere for them. Nope, Not Me!

The wonderful driver I am also did Not get a speeding ticket for going 9 over the speed limit (a whopping 34mph!) They don't need to ticket for that craziness! Fine's are for those driving really fast! And then on my way to traffic court I definitely did Not go even a little over the speed limit again since I was running late. (that ticket would have taught me a lesson, right!) Did not have to drive 2 blocks away to find a place to park, run swiftly into the building... just to find out the judge could not do anything to help, the fine had to be paid as is. Not me!

And lastly I did not go to the dollar store and try to pay with a credit card that was declined and have to put everything back. That would be so embarrassing. (Because I would Never forget that my morgage payment came out that morning and forget to transfer money!) Nope, Not Me! I would never do that!

Ahh.. Ok, feeling a bit better now!!

So.. What did you Not do this week??

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