Saturday, April 4, 2009

My little "Crafter"

Lately, Nathaniel has been so into crafts. Almost everyday he will ask me if we can make some crafts! He loves coming up with creative things to make and give to family members.
The other day he asked for beads... After getting the bucket of beads and a few pipe cleaners I let him go create....

As he progressed he became very proud of his work... "Look Mommy, it's getting tall!"
A little later he ran over and told me that he had made a beautiful bracelet. "It's for you Mommy, cause I love you." (heart melted!) "Yes you may wear it today, it matches! you may wear it anyday!"

Do you love it??!! I DO!! And it so conviently matches everything! Such a special gift from a very special boy.. one I happen to love very much! Thank you Nathaniel!

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