Sunday, April 19, 2009

God's Children

We had Elliana dedicated at church this weekend. It was a special time... yet quite emotional. More so than I expected. It made me realize once again... that these children I carried inside me, prayed for, hold in my arms, cover with hugs and kisses, laugh and cry with... truly belong to GOD. He has merely allowed us to borrow them for this allotted time while they are here with us.
I know that I desire for God to have His way in their lives... whatever that may be. They are each such precious gifts, and I treasure every moment spent with them.

Lord, help me to Honor you in all I do... Help me to be the mommy that you desire me to be for these children, these precious gifts... from you. As we testify before You, our church, our family and friends, ... we give Elliana back to you.. We desire to raise her to love you and serve you with her Life. We look forward to leading her to Christ and teaching her about your amazing love for us. Bless her, pour out your Grace into her life, and use her to touch the lives of others. Let Elliana be a beacon of light and point those around her to you. Do not let us take simple things for granted. In the tired, frustrating, and difficult moments... remind us of the blessing and the gift she is. Give us wisdom, patience, and strength to love her as You love her.

Thank you for each moment we are given to be her parents and care for her, this side of Heaven. Thank you for answering our prayers for this beautiful little girl. Thank you for our precious, beautiful, princess, Elliana.

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